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  • Kip10/02/2018

    London Domestic Cleaners and their cleaning lady - Maria have been excellent from the beginning. Our house is always clean and tidy thanks to your work!

  • Lacie10/02/2018

    I had troubles looking for domestic cleaning but a friend referred your cleaners in London. I called your company and your customer service gave me a quote that was hard to miss so I booked your company. When you reached my house, you cleaned right away. I was satisfied of the job so from then on, my domestic cleaner cleans the whole house.

  • Magali10/02/2018

    We find your domestic cleaners very professional, friendly and reliable. We've been getting your domestic cleaning for almost a year now and your staff never failed to meet our cleaning needs. As always, you are efficient and thorough. You definitely have a loyal customer in me. Thank you.

  • Vernetta10/02/2018

    I was doing my regular vacuuming routine when I noticed my curtain was dustier than I assumed. I had to schedule the cleaning at an earlier date and checked online for a company that offers rush curtain cleaning services. Your service in London was good.

  • Audria10/02/2018

    I recently got hired as a restaurant cashier. Since I was quite busy with work I had to find help with cleaning chores. That was why I booked your regular cleaning service in London. My cleaner is very positive and a real professional.

  • Bernardo10/02/2018

    Cleaning the house is a difficult task for me because of my work and my children. I called and asked for your domestic cleaners in London. You were great, reliable and trustworthy. Your cleaners were efficient and didn't leave a surface unturned; they cleaned thoroughly. Your staff's skills, together with your latest cleaning equipments make my house clean every week.

  • Min10/02/2018

    I was seeking for the realible and affordable domestic cleaners in London to help me handle home cleaning. Since I'm a busy single mom, I know I badly need this. Good thing your company was there to help. You have the best workers and your rates are quite reasonable as well.

  • Eustolia10/02/2018

    I have no time to clean and I am worried. I live in London. For months I couldn't find decent domestic cleaners in London but when I friend mentioned your company. I called right away and you responded immediately. Thank you for coming to my rescue. I will never regret it.

  • Booker10/02/2018

    I was seeking for the realible and affordable domestic cleaners in London to help me handle home cleaning. Since I'm a busy single mom, I know I badly need this. Good thing your company was there to help. You have the best workers and your rates are quite reasonable as well.

  • Annie10/02/2018

    My mother hated it when I didn't clean my room so we decided to book a domestic cleaning company in London. Since then we have forgotten about our cleaning trouble and we are extremelly happy.

  • Jordan10/02/2018

    My place is always clean and I am proud of it. This was all done thanks to your domestic cleaners in London. When you are busy, it doesn't mean you ignore your house and its cleanliness. Since I am always busy, I am using your company to maintain the cleanliness of my house.

  • Lewis10/02/2018

    Travelling all around London town means that you only get a little time for yourself. Hence, I decided that it was time to spend my time with my friends and family instead of cleaning all day long. I hired your domestic cleaning service and I have always been happy. Keep it up

  • Joellen10/02/2018

    Our family is busy with work and school. We don't have time to clean on a regular basis. One time I had to call for some domestic cleaning help for our in-laws' scheduled visit. Thankfully, a colleague told me about your domestic cleaners here in London. I hurried and have been your client since then. It is a pleasure to work with your cleaning company.

  • Maren10/02/2018

    I have always made it a habit to take care of my cleaning needs. But when I got too busy with work, I had to get some help and my friend told me that your cleaners were all reliable and professional. I was a bit hesitant but I decided to give it a try. Your domestic cleaning service has been really good and I am truly satisfied with the job that your cleaners do each week. Great work.

  • Rickey10/02/2018

    Finding an ideal cleaning company to do a high-quality job in terms of domestic cleaning can be very stressful. I never want to go all the way through the hassle of redoing the job that should have been finished by the people I hired that is why I am very eager in finding the most excellent domestic cleaners in London. Your cleaning company and your team have completed a good job in cleaning my entire house just right prior to my kid's birthday. The whole thing was whiny clean and I was impressed and happy to have originated a one of kind domestic cleaners in London.

  • Asley10/02/2018

    London Domestic Cleaners offer one of the best home cleaning rates and not only that. London Domestic Cleaners work hard and efficient. I am really sorry that I had to move out of London, now in the town I live in, i cannot find so good home cleaning rates and quality.

  • Leroy10/02/2018

    My mother lives in London and she asked me to find here a good house cleaning service provider. A good friend of mine suggested we try London Domestic Cleaners. For a couple of months now my mother is using their house cleaning services twice a week and she admits that she is really happy and that the house has never been so clean before.

  • Trinity10/02/2018

    Just wanted to say that my wife and I are very happy with London Domestic Cleaners. We are using their Domestic Cleaning Service in London. Our Domestic Cleaner is a real sweetheart, she manages to clean everything we ask here to.

  • Angelo10/02/2018

    My Home Cleaning Services provider is London Domestic Cleaners. At first I was skeptical , but when my Home Cleaner came and started cleaning, I was baffled by her proficiency and hard-working. It has been a year since I am using London Domestic Cleaners and I will continue to do that.

  • Naida10/02/2018

    I have properties in a number of cities in the UK. For the Domestic Cleaning of my property in London I prefer using London Domestic Cleaners. I will be out of town for more than an year, but left a key with my cleaner and I am sure the house would look amazing when I come back and everything will be fine.

  • Jeremy10/02/2018

    If you are looking for a House Cleaner you ought to call London Domestic Cleaners. They will surely provide you with the best service there can be.

  • Danny10/02/2018

    I have been having a regular domestic cleaner for the last couple of months and I think this company is the best. I have used several other companies but I like you guys the best. Whenever I had the need of a replacement or reschedule you have handled my requests really quick and responded to all my enquiries

  • Ronna10/02/2018

    When i live in London, London Domestic Cleaners were my Domestic Cleaners. My cleaner Temenujka was great and I really miss her, cannot find a better cleaner than her.

  • Matilde10/02/2018

    Really sorry for having stopped using the House Cleaning Services of London Domestic Cleaners, but I don't live in London anymore. My house cleaner was really nice and hard-working, paying attention to nothing but her job.

  • Vicente10/02/2018

    London Domestic Cleaners provided me with a great a house cleaner who comes on a fortnight basis.She hovers and irons my clothes. I am truly happy with her.

  • Clotilde10/02/2018

    I must say I am extremely happy with London Domestic Cleaners and their home cleaning services. A home cleaner comes every 2 days and hoovers and dusts my apartment.

  • Cesar10/02/2018

    I have had a domestic cleaner for over 3 years now and I have always been really happy with London Domestic Cleaners and their staff. It is such a wonderful feeling to come home to a clean house.

  • Savanna10/02/2018

    I recently moved out from London, but I just wanted to say how extremely satisfied I used to be with London Domestic Cleaners. My house cleaner used to come on a weekly basis and perform an excellent job.

  • Margit10/02/2018

    I would like to state how pleased I am with London Domestic Cleaners. I have a regular cleaner that comes every other week for 4 hours and she does an amazing job. The cleaner is very passionate and well trained

  • Argentina10/02/2018

    I booked an end of tenancy service as I was due to have an inventory check. I was shocked with the work that was done. The house never looked this clean and shiny.

  • Danae10/02/2018

    Dear Company the clean carried out at my flat was amassing. Thank you and I will recommend you to all my friends. Having Nely at my flat, she was great. Steve

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