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See reviews and get instant quotes from Mabuza Valeting And Cleaning Ltd now - local cleaners around Chertsey, KT16 providing a range of Domestic Cleaning, Professional Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Outdoor Cleaning services. Mabuza Valeting And Cleaning Ltd has a top rating of 5 out of 11 reviews.


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5out of 5.0
Quality 4.4
Communication 4.2

Reviews (11)

  • Genesis07/02/2018

    They gave us a very reasonable price for their work and were always extremely polite to me and my girlfriend.

  • Tracey07/02/2018

    I have experienced them as a great blessing because they came along at a time in my life when my need for their help was urgently needed.

  • Wilson07/02/2018

    They were responsive, organized and provided all the services in a timely manner.

  • Douglas07/02/2018

    Called them out to repair a few things around my home and they did a very good job.

  • Timmy07/02/2018

    This company is everything you could want in a contractor, and more. They were fair and were always just a phone call or email away.

  • Eddie07/02/2018

    I would recommend them to anyone in a heart beat, and absolutely would hire them again!

  • Candy07/02/2018

    They would definitely be my first choice in the future and I highly recommend them.

  • Mohammad07/02/2018

    Your technician Samuel did a wonderfull job at our home. He is a freindly, honest, reliable, creative, knows his job and what he is doing, clean after his work, hard working man, insist to give you the best job, has lots has patience on his job and a handyman you can depend on because he knows his work and knows what he is doing.

  • Willette07/02/2018

    Our curtains are still hanging and the windows shut properly. Good job!

  • Blair07/02/2018

    They are terrific, for an easy transaction and excellent work.

  • Florine07/02/2018

    This company is very competent and knowledgeable. We are quite pleased with the work and the entire process. We plan to use this company again for future projects.

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