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  • Kathy01/27/2008

    Excellent domestic cleaning services! Ever since I stumbled upon Cleaning Services Mill Hill I've been having a lot more free time and don't have to come back home from work just to find out the whole house upside down. The cleaners do an amazing job and are always very friendly, it is a true pleasure working with them.

  • Esteban01/27/2008

    The cleaning team arrived on time and did an incredibly good job doing my everyday household chores. I even called to book a window cleaning session just a couple of minutes ago and the girl over the phone was very helpful and polite. Definitely recommend them.

  • Adrian01/27/2008

    Great company. I usually use their domestic cleaning services but after a wild party and lots of wine I ended up with a stained carpet so I called them the next morning. They arrived right away and cleaned it up really nice, they even put some stuff on it that repels liquids.

  • Conception01/27/2008

    I cant not express my gratitude enough to Cleaning services Mill Hill. Neither of us can believe how clean everything is -- we're both in disbelief at how shiny and dust free everything is in here. It's the type of quality that when the diligent team of friendly and trustworthy staff are finished, you just want to lick the floor it's so clean! What this company provide is 100% reliable hard work and the best cleaning service that I know of.

  • Barbra01/27/2008

    If you are in need of cleaning service look no further! I often joke with friends wondering what took me so long to cave and get a cleaning service to help keep my place fresh and clean and couldn't be happier with the service and quality Cleaning Services Mill Hill provides.

  • Theo01/27/2008

    Contracted Cleaning Services Mill Hill for a move in clean. Surpassed my expectations - very thorough cleaning. Got down on knees and scrubbed our floors! Never seen that before from a cleaning service. These ladies truely deserved their pay.

  • Manual01/27/2008

    I had a tenant who was running behind on moving out, which meant that Cleaning Services Mill Hill were not able to start cleaning the carpets at the agreed time. There were no problems with the cleaners to wait one hour. They offer a great cleaning service and the customer service is second to none.

  • Stephine01/27/2008

    Cleaning Services Mill Hill showed up on time and when they were finished deep cleaning my microfibre sofa & chair they came out looking like the day we purchased them. THANKS A LOT GUYS.

  • Jere01/27/2008

    The cleaning team arrived on time and ready to work, and finished in an efficient manner. I was very happy with the cleaning job. Client satisfaction is very important to Cleaning Services Mill Hill and I received a follow-up call later in the day to ensure I was pleased with the work. I happily recommend the services provided by Cleaning Services Mill Hill!

  • Kenny01/27/2008

    I couldn't be happier with the service and results and will definitely use Superlative again. One of the cleaners even fixed a closet door for me that hadn't worked right in well over a year! Thanks guys!!

  • Ivory01/27/2008

    The cleaning crew have cleaned the carpet at my shop for years, and I have never had the tiniest complaint. They works late on Saturday nights, the best time for me, always with a smile. Is quick, efficient, conscientious, meticulous and a pleasure to be around.

  • Anibal01/27/2008

    You did an amazing job! You cleaned our house about 4 weeks ago and did an amazing job. We were extremely happy with your work. Your house cleaning skills are exceptional. We are looking forward to our next house cleaning date.

  • Marin01/27/2008

    I am glad to see all of the good reviews for the company because they totally deserve it! Sky high service!

  • Beverlee01/27/2008

    Verry Happy!!! I recently moved in to a new apartment with 2 roomates. Before moving in, we ordereed a move in cleaning with a carpet shampooning and was very satisfied with the freshness afterwards. I set up a bi-weekly service with Cleaning services Mill Hill to take care of the common areas I share with my roomates, which include kitchen, living room, dining room, and 2 bathrooms. They do a good job cleaning and my roomates and I are well satisfied! We are glad that we don't have to spend our time cleaning the common areas in detail, but rely on Cleaning services Mill Hill to keep the place fresh and clean!

  • Rodrick01/27/2008

    I was looking for a company that fit right on my budget and finally I found it. They gave me the best estimate of all and did a perfect job. I recommend Cleaning services Mill Hill to everyone!

  • Melvin01/27/2008

    I am totally amazed! I called these cleaners for end of tenancy cleaning, and was kind of afraid that they won't be able to deal with all the mess in the flat, but they proved me wrong and did fantastic job. My landlord said he was impressed as well. We both are going to recommend this service to other people!

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