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See reviews and get instant quotes from 24 Hour Felixstowe Plumbers now - local plumbers around London, N22 providing a range of Plumbing, Commercial Services, Heating, Boilers, Smart Thermostats, Home Emergencies services. 24 Hour Felixstowe Plumbers has a top rating of 4 out of 1 reviews.



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  • Tamera01/18/2008

    This is the second time that Man With Van Bowes Park helped us with a move. It is truly a marvel for your call to be answered on the day before the move. Bravo to everyone! Lots of compliments, including from third parties, on the protection of the property from truck to door, especially the elevator during the move. The people from this firm work quickly and accurately, they are attentive and alert and very careful. It is as if they are moving their own stuff! They work so fast that you cannot keep up with it all. Then there are all things in the new house before you know it.

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