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See reviews and get instant quotes from 24 Hour Banstead Blocked Drain Cleaning now - local cleaners around Westoning, MK45 providing a range of Domestic Cleaning, Professional Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Outdoor Cleaning services. 24 Hour Banstead Blocked Drain Cleaning has a top rating of 4.73 out of 142 reviews.


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4.73out of 5.0
Quality 4.4
Communication 4.2

Reviews (142)

  • Roderick12/14/2015

  • Charles07/20/2015

  • Ahmed03/20/2015

    They arrived when they said with all the equipment to finish the job as quick as possible. Their price matched other quotes. They used good quality material and cleaned up when finished the job.

  • Harland02/20/2015

    Our fence came down in the gales, we were moving house before Christmas and they fitted us in very quickly, they listened to our needs and were a very good team they came and replaced our fence in half a day. Cant praise them enough

  • Dewitt11/25/2015

  • Delilah11/16/2015

  • Goldie09/20/2015

  • Renaldo10/30/2015

    Have known Dycol Ltd for many many years.

  • Johnny06/20/2015

    A Firm going for 40 years must be doing something right!

  • Nakisha12/20/2015

    Have been satisfied with their work for years.

  • Herschel05/25/2015

  • Sherrill04/15/2015

    I have used this company before. Hard working, polite and courteous staff who arrived punctually, did a great job and tidied up really well. I will use them again.

  • Joette04/13/2015

    Good, helpful, tidy.

  • Bobby03/25/2015

    Would not hesitate to recommend Dycol Ltd. They are friendly, efficient and very good value for money. Very pleased with the complete Tree removal.

  • Andrew03/23/2015

    I have used Dycol several times over the years and have always found them to be very efficient.

  • Andrea03/19/2015

    Very friendly and helpful staff. Would use again and recommend Dycol.

  • Jaclyn03/18/2015

    Considering the the site location, work was carried out with care and consideration

  • Bradford03/17/2015

  • Leopoldo09/20/2015

  • Isaac02/28/2015

  • Keneth02/26/2015


  • Corliss01/30/2015

  • Sterling01/19/2015

    Prompt and professional. I always use them for Tree Surgery. Great job and tidy up afterwards.

  • Eleanor11/20/2014

  • Freddy11/14/2014

  • Devon03/20/2014

  • Arnoldo10/17/2014

  • Darin10/15/2014

    We have used Dycol over many years and have always been pleased with their work.

  • Holly10/13/2014

  • Noel06/20/2014

  • Nita09/22/2014

  • Benito09/17/2014

  • Herminia01/20/2014

  • Humberto07/25/2014

    Excellent transaction throughout job well done friendly staff would use again. Highly recommend.

  • Cristobal06/27/2014

  • Kyle06/16/2014

    The tree feller was very polite and professional. The work was carried out to a high standard.

  • Stephen05/30/2014

    Excellent all round. Would recommend to anyone.

  • Richard05/23/2014

    The men sent to do the work were very professional and a plus to their firm.

  • Woodrow06/20/2014

    They stated from the outset that no money required before the job was started. Only required one job. Once the job was completed to our satisfaction. This gave us a good impression to the company.

  • Lowell06/20/2014

  • Cristal01/20/2014

    They had to take away the cuttings through the house and be careful of my newly decorated hall. They were brilliant and very careful.

  • Kelly04/30/2014

  • Edythe04/29/2014

  • Willette04/25/2014

    Dycol had previously carried out work for me. I had no hesitation in asking them again.

  • Alfonso04/18/2014

    Excellent in all respects. Would gladly use this firm again.

  • Cesar03/20/2014

  • Alonzo03/17/2014

  • Delcie10/20/2014

  • Mohammed05/20/2014

  • Oliver05/20/2014

  • Khalilah01/20/2014

  • Clifford01/20/2014

  • Bud10/20/2014

    Did work when agreed and left site very clean and tidy. No complaints, very pleased.

  • Tiara01/22/2014

  • Philip01/20/2014

    Nice to know there are still proper tradesmen about who take pride in their job.

  • Felton01/15/2014

  • Johnnie01/14/2014

  • Carlo06/20/2014

    Helpful and efficient staff all round.

  • Ileana03/20/2013

  • Renate11/19/2013

  • Horacio12/20/2013

  • Chung02/20/2013

  • Lou01/20/2013

    Value put as average as I only had one other similar quote.

  • Jesse09/24/2013

    Excellent work.

  • Wilber09/23/2013

  • Jody08/20/2013

    Their arrival at 7.35am was a bit of a surprise but I was ready anyway!

  • Claudie08/20/2013

    Very professional company.

  • Leann08/15/2013

    A trader that can be trusted & Dycol Ltd have always been excellent in their working and can be well recommended to friends and company requirements.

  • Jerald07/22/2013

  • Harrison06/27/2013

  • Toshiko05/21/2013

  • Charley04/17/2013

  • Hortensia04/16/2013

    We have recommended this company to neighbours who are considering same tree felling work.

  • Willie04/14/2013

    Excellent job. A team of 2 done the work in next to no time and left my garden clean and tidy after cutting down a tall conifer.

  • Marline03/15/2013

  • Michel11/20/2013

    We are very pleased with the fence which Dycol Ltd put up for us. They worked to our specifications and were friendly.

  • Caterina07/20/2013

  • Tracey06/20/2013

  • Lenny07/20/2013

    Very pleased with the work done.

  • Thurman07/20/2013

  • Cliff11/20/2012

    I found Dycol to be a very reliable company and their workers polite, industrious, skillful and tidy. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to anybody.

  • Fabian07/20/2012


  • Yolando01/20/2012

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Dycol Ltd for tree felling and fencing. They are first class.

  • Chanel10/25/2012

    Operatives were polite, hard working, willing and efficient.

  • Daysi10/16/2012

  • Gemma08/20/2012

  • Jeremy03/20/2012

  • Kazuko09/28/2012

  • Brooks09/27/2012

    Very satisfied, excellent work.

  • Rey09/20/2012

    They turned up early.

  • Iluminada08/30/2012

  • Cary08/30/2012

    Helpful staff, did the job quickly, would happily use them again.

  • Milton08/28/2012

    The fence looks tidy and strong. However time will tell how good it is. Do you re-canvas customers after a year? I could then tel you how well the fence withstood the winter winds.

  • Roy06/29/2012

    Above average work.

  • Lesha06/29/2012

    Erected 36m of fencing and ground out several tree stumps. Started and finished when they said. Spot on job.

  • Aron01/20/2012

    Work was carried out at Byron Crescent for us.

  • Ava04/17/2012

  • Sammie10/20/2012

    Very good service from this company. I would definitely use them again and recommend to friends and family. In fact I already have.

  • Kelvin03/30/2012

  • Mitchell03/29/2012

    Very friendly and helpful staff. Will use the company again.

  • Debrah03/28/2012

  • Brant03/20/2012

    Couldn't be happier. Will use them again.

  • Pat02/22/2012

  • Harold02/22/2012

  • Sadie02/16/2012


  • Florrie02/16/2012

  • Herma01/24/2012

    Job well done ( and quoted cheaper than a few competitors.)

  • Eleonora01/18/2012

    Have used Dycol for 20+ years with no problems. A very professional firm.

  • Josue12/20/2012

  • Leonila10/20/2012

    Always very polite and courteous. Kept us up to date on when they planned to visit. Made sure everything was neat and tidy in both my and my neighbours gardens. Fence now looks sturdy and able to withstand anything.

  • Stacia10/20/2012

    Have used them many times. Always reliable.

  • Forest07/20/2011

  • Vannessa11/28/2011

    I have been happily dealing with Dycol for years- they do what they say! Good, prompt quotations and good, prompt service.

  • Katheryn11/18/2011

  • Timmy02/20/2011

    Excellent work. Highly recommended.

  • Alta10/27/2011

    Dycol were a real pleasure to deal with.

  • Carey10/26/2011

    Could not have wished for a better service - exceeded expectations!

  • Allan10/25/2011

  • Mandy10/13/2011

    Dycol have been doing my annual tree work for the past 10 + years.

  • Carol12/20/2011

    Very professional and friendly man.

  • Esteban09/29/2011

    Friendly attitude with helpful general advice on care of plot.

  • Thomas09/26/2011

  • Kimberlee09/23/2011

    Very helpful - first used Dycol about 4-5 years ago.

  • Karmen09/22/2011

  • Mohammed09/20/2011

    Very professional and pleasant. Cleared away foliage well. Had known senior members for years.

  • Burt01/20/2011

    Wonderful and efficient service. Job well done :)

  • Jong08/26/2011

    Good quality job.

  • Kandi08/20/2011

    Good local company.

  • Carletta12/20/2011

  • Keitha10/20/2011

    Happy with the work.

  • Tangela08/20/2011

    We have used Dycol for years for a variety of hedging and tree surgery work. They are unfailingly good.

  • Bobbie07/28/2011

    I have used them many times over the years and always found them to be a reliable firm producing good quality workmanship.

  • Vicente07/26/2011

  • Cecille07/19/2011

  • Anastacia07/14/2011

  • Ivory06/20/2011

    Excellent job done, and very good work force team.

  • Brittni04/27/2011

    Drainpipes, fascias, soffits, guttering all replaced - moss removed from rood. All very satisfactorily completed with good humour.

  • Vernia02/20/2010

    Have used them for many years.

  • Darcy02/20/2010

    Used them a few times and they have never let me down. Would recommend them to anyone.

  • Rochell02/20/2010

    Worked with him for 15 years was very fair and competitive.

  • Burton02/20/2010

    Cleared up afterwards. Practically hoovered the lawn!!!

  • Houston02/20/2010

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