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See reviews and get instant quotes from 2 M Building Roofing Ltd now - local Roofers around Stevenage, SG1 providing a range of Roofing services. 2 M Building Roofing Ltd has a top rating of 4.85 out of 109 reviews.



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4.85out of 5.0
Quality 4.4
Communication 4.2

Reviews (109)

  • Kerrie10/29/2015

  • Mina09/24/2015

  • Corinne09/22/2015

    Excellent job!

  • Israel09/15/2015

    Really good job and efficient.

  • Ahmad09/14/2015

    Good service, prompt attention.

  • Owen08/22/2015

  • Leandra05/20/2015

    Were due to arrive at 9 but called half 9 as the van had broken down, finally at 12 they arrived and go on with the job. They were very pleasant.

  • Fredda01/20/2015

    No exception, whole service was smooth and organized very well to fit my availability limits considering the summer holidays period and any request I made was followed up effectively. Was very satisfied for the quality overall including professionalism and price. All this reflected in a well organized team with management ready to listen and support and experienced technical personal able to deliver a top level job. Many thanks to Horizon

  • Bryan07/31/2015

  • Guadalupe06/26/2015

    Needed to replace my windows/doors with double glazing. No fussy sales, just came and did a quick measure and gave a quote after a few days by email. Not the cheapest but not outrageous either. Installation was done over 3 and a half days. The additional half day was to correct some windows and glazing on doors which were different to my order. I don't know what caused this problem but they rectified without any fuss and came back within 2 days to finish the job. Generally tidy throughout, though not quite spotless it was fine. Fitters were friendly and easy to get on with.

  • Bettye06/19/2015

  • Roland06/16/2015

    Very happy with their work and will recommend them to our friends.

  • Jana11/20/2015

    Good value, well manufactured products, polite installation team. Company were very happy to answer queries, very pleased with installed products

  • Monica10/20/2015

    Already had an installation from them, but checked them out again on your website.

  • Dagny02/20/2015

  • Nicky01/20/2015

  • Susann01/20/2015

  • Rodolfo05/21/2015

    Very good company, kept me up to date, quick install date and only company to provide what we wanted.

  • Juan05/19/2015

    Very pleased, thank you.

  • Boris07/20/2015

    Excellent work carried out, very good company.

  • Tracey04/14/2015

  • Al03/20/2015

    Slow start, but great out come

  • Mitchel02/26/2015

    Great service, thank you

  • Glinda09/20/2015

    Excellent work polite good services.

  • Latoya04/20/2015

    All good.

  • Charley04/20/2015

    Job done, very satisfied.

  • Ayako01/29/2015

    Excellent job.

  • Dalia01/16/2015

    Gary does a excellent job as always.

  • Cristi09/20/2015

    Very tidy and efficient

  • Fred11/26/2014

    Job has professionally carried out to highest standard. Well pleased.

  • Kenny10/15/2014

    Nice company, friendly and helpful.

  • Bronwyn07/20/2014

    Friendly, helpful and reliable. (Came when they said they would with no particular waiting time for appointment.)

  • Mana07/20/2014

    I door repair - C=Very quick, value for money.

  • Myles03/20/2014

    Very good and excellent quality.

  • Roger03/20/2014

    Prompt, did a good job.

  • Ramiro02/20/2014

    Very helpful and polite on the phone, Gary who came to fix our door, great service.

  • Jani09/24/2014

    Very pleased with the service. I found the company in the local paper so had preconceived the idea of what to expect.

  • Torie09/23/2014

  • Garth09/17/2014

    Excellent job.

  • Timothy09/14/2014

    I was very pleased with the service it was excellent.

  • Linnea12/20/2014

    Excellent job!!

  • Arica10/20/2014

    Excellent work. Highly recommended.

  • Trinidad10/20/2014

    Very friendly and quick with work. Good job done.

  • Gordon04/20/2014

    Responded quickly to initial request for quote, work carried out as expected and when it became evident that a replacement part was the wrong size, it was promptly dealt with and we were kept informed of progress. Thank you

  • Hyman03/20/2014

    Pleasant, fast and efficient.

  • Eun01/20/2014

    Work was done to a high standard. Guys on the job were friendly and kept everything tidy.

  • Trena08/27/2014

    Superb Service.

  • Buford08/19/2014

    Great guy. Very helpful.

  • August08/18/2014

    Work completed to excellent standard in a very professional way.

  • Jamey07/29/2014

  • Tamala07/17/2014

  • Daryl10/20/2014

    Well pleased.

  • Devon07/20/2014

  • Sammy03/20/2014

    Very Good!

  • Thurman02/20/2014

    Very good job.

  • Jacquelyne02/20/2014

    Great service!

  • Ka02/20/2014

    Would recommend Horizon PS.

  • Deandre06/28/2014

    Top job.

  • Darin06/28/2014

  • Adrian06/28/2014

    Very polite and friendly. Arrived on time and very quick and efficient in their work.

  • Barton06/28/2014

    Brilliant service.

  • Numbers06/25/2014

    The man was very nice and did a lovely job - Windows look like new again. Thank you

  • Hang06/24/2014

  • Jame06/23/2014


  • Bobbi06/19/2014


  • Yvonne06/19/2014

    Superb and very helpful.

  • Florentino06/19/2014

    Very good quick and efficient service. would definiately recommend

  • Cicely06/13/2014

    Very prompt and efficient. Kept us informed at the stages of the job.

  • Theresia11/20/2014

    Chris and Matt were very professional, helpful and tidy. They did an excellent job putting new units in our windows.

  • Val10/20/2014

    Very friendly workman. Very clean, tidy and very helpful.

  • Gracia02/20/2014

    Would recommend Horizon

  • Isiah05/20/2014

    Very friendly

  • Rene09/20/2014

    Great workers and I would recommend to their customers.

  • Damien09/20/2014

    Great workmanship, prompt and would highly recommend to anyone. If I need any work carried out again I would not hesitate to call again.

  • Brynn09/20/2014

    Great workers, recommended to other customers.

  • Remedios07/20/2014

  • Sylvester01/20/2014

  • Lavona01/20/2014

  • Latina04/30/2014

    Friendly & knowledgeable service. would use again.

  • Dion04/24/2014

  • Mckinley08/20/2014

  • Brianna07/20/2014

    Replacement UPVC handler.

  • Stefan03/20/2014

  • Audrey02/20/2014

    work carried out to a high standard fitter polite punctual and answered any questions ask in regards to product

  • Gil02/20/2014

    Very friendly whilst doing work required and fully explained what happened and how to avoid in the future windows.

  • Jodi02/20/2014

  • Major03/28/2014

    Great service. Would use them again.

  • Cassidy03/27/2014

    Very good work.

  • Robin03/24/2014


  • Seth03/13/2014

    A* Job!

  • Alvaro03/13/2014


  • Darrin11/20/2014

    Very friendly and reassuring. A good job.

  • Blake02/28/2014


  • Maritza02/22/2014

    Excellent service and friendlessness. New door looks wonderful.

  • Christa10/21/2013

    A new door.

  • Santos10/18/2013

  • Jeanmarie08/31/2013

    Very pleased with the work. Window & competent work men. Thank you.

  • Ardath02/20/2013

  • Crystle02/20/2013

  • Ethan05/20/2013

    Everyone from the initial enquiry to the fitment were very helpful. No hard sell and happy to discuss the work to be done. I have already recommended Horizon PS Ltd to a friend and I will use them again soon. Thank you.

  • Kiersten06/27/2013

    Great service, great quality of work, really nice team of guys, would recommend them for future work.

  • Tandra06/20/2013

    Amazed how quickly the job was done from point of ordering. Will definitely use again & recommend.

  • Luann06/13/2013

    had a new fitted UPVC front door which they were quick and very friendly about. the door is perfect to the fit. the tradesmen was top class and knew everything he was doing and was finished before i knew it

  • Sharmaine05/31/2013


  • Myron06/20/2013

    They put down dust sheets, very clean and trustworthy, we were very pleased with the final results and service received.

  • Gita07/20/2013

    Their overall service was excellent.

  • Christian11/14/2012

    They were prompt, punctual, arrived on time and kept to the budget. Excellent all round.

  • Brice10/25/2012

    Helpful, very tidy, spot on with everything. we were very pleased. I am writing to thank them, we are so pleased.

  • Dirk08/16/2012

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