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See reviews and get instant quotes from 1st Omega Contract Cleaning Ltd now - local cleaners around London, TW15 providing a range of Domestic Cleaning, Professional Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Outdoor Cleaning services. 1st Omega Contract Cleaning Ltd has a top rating of 4.97 out of 10 reviews.


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4.97out of 5.0
Quality 4.4
Communication 4.2

Reviews (10)

  • Aurore02/20/2015

    They were very clean and tidy, and a pleasure to deal with. We thought they were extremely polite and trustworthy and we were happy to leave them alone in the house.

  • Doreen01/22/2015

    We would definitely recommend. They were trustworthy and professional and gave us fantastic service. Perfect timekeeping, very helpful, altogether lovely guys to deal with.

  • Erwin05/20/2015

    They were very pleasant and professional and I would be happy to use them again.

  • Willie12/16/2014

    Very good aftercare, their customer service was superb.

  • Rueben12/15/2014

    Their work was faultless.

  • Ermelinda12/20/2014

    I would highly recommend, we use them on a regular basis and always find them very professional and reliable.

  • Erika10/24/2014

    I would definitely use them again and recommend. They were friendly and professional, gave us the most reasonable quote and stuck to it, and the quality of their work is highly superior.

  • Sherill10/23/2014

    They did a brilliant job and I would recommend them to anyone.

  • Lynwood09/18/2014

    Superb job, even done extra bits for me, went the extra mile. Very satisfied with the work and over the moon with the service we've received. I would highly recommend.

  • Kieth02/20/2014

    Amazing job. Came highly recommend and would recommend to anyone

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