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  • Willette01/25/2016

    After slipping on my patio last summer and causing serious damage I decided it needed to have a deep clean. Not only did they clean it excellently, using the pressure wassher, but they kindly offered to remove the moss from my benches in my garden. Being of an older age these tasks are very trying, so I was pleased to have the help and the results were spectacular thank you I would definitely

  • Fidelia01/25/2016

    With all the wind and rain we have had my gutters got clogged up so I asked them once they cleaned my windows if they could clean my gutters, they happily obliged and now I have a sparkling outside very polite guys and they like a strong cup of tea or 2.

  • Tyron01/25/2016

    Wow what a pair of great guys I have them regular every 4 weeks without fail brilliant and so affordable.

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